Theatre Arts: Beginning - Students look at theatre history up to the Italian Renaissance and begin basic character work through monologues.

Theatre Arts: Intermediate - Students learn about theatre history from the English Renaissance through modern day.  They also focus more on the techniques of creating a character through scene work.

Theatre Arts: Proficient - Students refine skills and begin to look at the creation of more solid individual and group work.


Theatre Arts: Advanced - Students begin to focus on the directing process and the creation of the play as a whole.

Play Production (TAPE)** - This class is an intesive study of theatre. Students fill out an application, audition and, if accepted, serve as the leaders of the KMHS Theatre Department. They also represent KMHS at the North Carolina Theatre Conference Play Festival. For information about the class, click on the title.  For more information about the group in general, including history and requirements to join, go to the TAPE Homepage. 

Technical Theatre - Students in this class learn about the backstage aspects of theatre: sound, lights, set construction, props, costumes, and publicity. Students are required to fill out an Insurance/Waiver Form to participate and work in the class.


Advanced Technical Theatre (Technical PROPS)* - This class is the second level of Technical Theatre. It focuses more on the entire process of the technical side of theatre, from design to performance. Students who have passed Technical Theatre (below) may apply for Advanced Technical Theatre by filling out an application and returning it to Mrs. Achter.


Shakespeare* - Students will study several plays of William Shakespeare and study his 154 sonnets from literary and performance perspectives. Students must fill out an application and return it to Mrs. Achter to be considered for this class.

Musical Theatre* - Students will study the history of the American Musical, identify key terminology associated with musicals, work on ensemble buidling through performance, and build a repetoire for auditions.

* These classes require an application and are not offered every year.
** This class requires an application and audition.